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Theta State Float Center is a fully dedicated floatation therapy spa located in the heart of the Sukhumvit area in downtown Bangkok. We have four private spa rooms all equipped with a state of the art floatation chamber. We have two styles to meet the needs of our float community and proudly offer both Float Rooms and Float Pods. Our spa rooms are professionally soundproofed to ensure you are free from all outside disturbance during your float. Our water is purified through a commercial grade inferred ceramic carbon filtration system prior to going into the chambers. Our float rooms are equipped with high end EMF protection to shield you against harmful wireless frequencies. Our products are local, organic and natural and our center is extremely welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. Our highly specialized environment ensures your visit will be a completely unique experience.

Floating can provide you with a deep state of relaxation that has a direct impact on your mind-body connection and overall well-being. This powerful state of calm triggers your relaxation response, enabling transformative health effects and sizable physiological benefits to occur. Our goal is to provide our floaters with a sanctuary inside the city where every aspect of their well-being is accounted for while in our care. We are excited to help people realize their full potential, find peace of mind in their otherwise stress filled lives and provide a safe and natural holistic alternative to potentially harmful medications. Theta State Float Center will help you find your flow.

Theta State Float Center is brought to you by Tribe Bonobo.

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