Before You Float

  • Do not shave at least 4 hours before floating because the salt water can sting.
  • Cover up cuts/scrapes with liquid band-aid or apply Petroleum Jelly over your abrasions (we provide both) to reduce stinging due to salt content.
  • Contact lenses should not be worn in the tanks. Theta State has contact cases and lens solution for you on-site.
  • You must shower at the float center prior to entering tank to rid of make-up, oils, lotions, hair products, etc. Even if you just showered at home prior to arriving we require that every client shower on-site prior to entering the float chamber. Each private spa room has a private shower and we provide local organic natural soap/shampoo/conditioner, q-tips, towels, slippers and vanity station for after your float.
  • You will be showering immediately after exiting tank to rinse off excessive salt from skin, hair and ears. You are welcome to bring a swimming cap to use in the tank, however it’s been our experience that they may not work to keep your hair dry. That said, epsom salt is a great hair volumizer and has NO effect on hair colors or dyes. However, floating is not recommended within 48 hours of new hair coloring or treatment.
  • Earplugs are provided to prevent water from going in ears as they are submerged in the water. It is important to dry your face and ears well before entering the float chamber to both minimize the urge to touch your face to wipe water off and risk salt water stinging your eyes as well as for the ear plugs to remain firmly in your ears.
  • We recommend that you do not eat a big meal or drink caffeine within two hours of float appointment. If caffeine can be avoided altogether the day of your float, that would be ideal.
  • Theta State also provides hair dryers inside the private spa suites. Please be sure to bring your own brush/comb.
  • Please be a sweetheart and give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel.

During your float

Try to go in without expectation. Be open to anything and everything. Floating allows your brain to naturally slow its rhythm; however, it’s not always the easiest thing the notice while it’s happening. You can rest assured that it is happening though, and you’ll realize when you exit the float tank just how calm you feel. If it seems like you are lying there doing nothing and nothing is happening, chances are you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

Do not try and ‘shut off’ your brain. Relax and allow any and all thoughts to pass through your mind without concern that you are thinking too much. Allow your thoughts to flow. Allow “brain chatter” to happen, this is part of de-stressing. You’ll be alone with yourself in an entirely new and unique environment; that alone will lend itself to a different kind of thought pattern than you’re typically used to. Go with it! Observe how you feel floating on top of a bed of water. Notice what thoughts go through your head while alone without sights or sounds from the outside world disturbing you. Should you choose to, you can reflect on your current situation or think about specific issues or circumstances in your life. There is no right or wrong.

Relax. Breath. Smile. This time is for you.

Instead of worrying about being in an enclosed space, which can lead to nagging feelings of claustrophobia, think about your environment as a womb; the embryonic enclosure is warm, comfortable and most important, it’s safe! You are floating on nearly 1 ton of salt water that is denser than the Dead Sea. You couldn’t sink if you tried and if you did sink, there is only 10 inches of water in the chamber; fancy bathtubs at high end hotels are more dangerous.

A few tips to avoid unnecessary drifting around the tank:

  1. After you shower, dry your face/ears and put in your earplugs.
  2. Step into the tank and lie on your back.
  3. Put your arms out to the sides of the tank and hold yourself still for 20-30 seconds or until you feel stabilized.
  4. Release your arms to your sides and you’ll find yourself floating in one spot without bobbing around.

After Your Float

Schedule some quite time for yourself after the float. Reflect on how you feel; you should feel calm and contended. Notice your highly acute senses; sights and sounds should be heightened and sharper. Enjoy your hair and skin’s healthy glow from absorbing the magnesium sulfate; you should feel soft and silky.

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