This is a very common and natural concern. You are always in control and you can float with the door open, the light on and even with a friend inside the room should you choose. You will still receive tremendous benefits from the gravity free environment as well as the absorption of magnesium sulfate through your skin. Most people think they will feel claustrophobic and find that the space inside the tanks feels limitless once they actually step inside. Additionally, we have gone through the effort of providing our clients with two different float capsule options; our ‘Float Rooms’ are large and spacious and provide a strong sense of security for people with enclosure fears. The ‘Float Pods’ are also very spacious; however, first time floaters may prefer the larger square shape room as it is like stepping into a giant walk in closet.
The water is extremely clean! Nearly one ton of Epsom salt, a natural sterilizing agent, is dissolved into only ten inches of water. (The water has a higher salinity than the Dead Sea.) The entire volume of water is filtered at least three times between float sessions. Every client is required to shower on site before entering the tank using our 100% natural and organic shower gels and shampoos. Additionally the tanks are equipped with UV and Peroxide sanitation systems that deliver 100% sterile water.
No. The water solution is so dense that you will not be able to submerge any part of your body without it immediately bouncing back to the surface of the water. Additionally, the water is not deep; there is only ten inches of water in the chamber.
Yes, you can sleep safely in the tank. We provide a neck pillow for those who like additional support.
You should not float if you have any open wounds or cuts. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions such as epilepsy which may cause a seizure please let us know. You must wait at least one weeks after having professional coloring treatment to your hair due to the extreme potency of the chemicals typically used (organic treatments are no problem). You should consult with a health care professional prior to floating if you have extremely high or low blood pressure or coronary disease. It’s widely considered 100% safe for pregnant women to float throughout the duration of their pregnancy; however, we don’t want to me considered a potential reason for miscarriage so we suggest waiting until your second trimester. You should not float if you have been drinking alcohol or using any recreational drugs. Customers who are easily susceptible to motion sickness or ‘car sickness’ may possibly feel sensations of mild dizziness or slight nassau from their first float although this is not very common we like you to be forewarned and advised. Women who are experiencing ‘that time of the month’ should wait until their period is finished.   
You should avoid eating a large meal a few hours before your float. Do not wear contact lenses; we provide contact lens cases and saline solution. Do not shave the morning before your float; men can shave their faces as they are not submerged in the salt water but the salt water will sting shaved legs, heads, armpits or anywhere else on the body besides the face.
You can wear one; however, we highly recommend you wear no clothes as if you were taking a bath. The feeling of the clothing on your skin may be distracting and prevent you from finding the deepest meditative state you can achieve. You are alone in the float room so you have total privacy. Don’t let that worry you either as there is a call button inside the tank as well as an intercom system should you need assistance from our staff.
You may choose to use foam or silicone earplugs, which we supply. The salt water is not harmful and the magnesium sulfate can help kill micro bacteria inside your ear canal so there is even an upside to exposure. As long as you are able to swim in a pool comfortably without earplugs you will have no issues floating without earplugs; however, we do recommend that you use the ear plugs to minimize the amount of salt residue that can build up after the water dries. We will provide you with a solution of vinegar and water and Q-tips to clean the salt water from your ears if needed.
There will be a fresh water spray bottle and a dry hand towel inside the float tank just in case this happens; however, do to the state of the art design of our tanks there will be zero chance of a moisture drip from condensation falling from above you while you float. Most commonly, floaters feel an itch and go to scratch it with a hand wet with salt water and the worst case scenario is it will sting like the ocean for a couple of minutes. We remind you prior to your float to wipe your hand on the towel before touching your face.  When sitting up, be mindful that water from your hair can run down into your face if you do not sit up slowly and use the towel as a precaution to catch the dripping water; although a little salk water in the eyes never stopped you from swimming in the sea and shouldn’t concern you much – just be mindful to avoid this if at all possible:)  
Absolutely! It’s important to remember this isn’t just any salt; this is medical grade Magnesium Sulfate and it is extremely detoxifying with a wealth of therapeutic health benefits such as regulating your blood pressure, regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function and helping to prevent artery hardening. Salt therapy can alleviate the symptoms of respiratory ailments such as cystic fibrosis, asthma, rhinitis, allergies and hayfever, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. 
Whenever you want to get out of the tank, you are free to do so. Many people report that it takes about 30 minutes for their bodies to settle down and for their brains to enter “theta state”. Experienced floaters often prefer longer sessions. Some have floated for several hours at a time! We recommend that you start with one hour and move up to longer sessions for your future floats. One hour, alone, can seem like a long time for most people in today’s hectic fast paced lives where we are attached to our mobile devices, etc. What you will soon learn after your first float is that this alone time in the tank is the most invaluable time you will spend all month. Take yourself on a date!
We recommend that you reschedule your float if you unexpectedly find your period has arrived on the day of the float. If you have made up your mind that you are going to float and not say anything to our staff, please wear a tampon and DO NOT discard it in the garbage cans inside the float chambers. We don’t have to know, but the rooms must remain as sanitary as humanly possible if you catch our drift.
Just give us a call and we can reschedule your float to another day free of charge, no problem. If you feel sick inside the tank, you simply get out and sit in the chair provided; don’t forget that a garbage can and shower are in arm’s reach as well.
You do not need to bring anything; we provide a towel, organic shampoo, conditioner and bath gel and your own private spa room. We also provide organic natural tea and water.
Everybody is different; some people simply experience a deep inner calm and heightened self awareness that lend themselves to introspection and reflective ‘personal counseling’ sessions while others experience fascinating visual imagery with heightened spatial reasoning. Some people lose track of linear time and a one hour session feels like ten minutes. Experienced meditation practitioners tend to find the easy access to theta state brain activity a delight and inexperienced meditators quickly realize the potential of our imaginations after a session or two. One guarantee is that your brain will enter theta state and you will at the absolute very least emerge from the tank with a deep sense of calm and tranquility. In addition to feeling great, you are guaranteed to reap the benefits of absorbing the magnesium sulfate.
100% yes! The Benefits of Floating are numerous in scope, yet explanations seem to fall under one broad physiological spectrum with building blocks of endocrinology and neuroscience providing the very foundation for their fascinating explanations. They all seem consistent with the homeostasis of our mind and bodies, the synchronization of our left and right brain hemispheres, the harmony of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the regulation of neurochemicals in the dispensary mechanisms of our hypothalamus, a balance of the reflexive reactions in our evolutionary response systems and the symmetry of mental wakefulness and alertness caused by our reticular activation systems. The benefits of floating appear to bring about the most timeless of interdependent concepts, the yin and the yang of our very beings.
Floatation therapy has been around for more than half a century, and has proven to be an effective tool for physical and mental well-being. It is recognized and prescribed by the medical community in many European countries, and is available in many North American cities. Recently, we have seen the rise of floatation centers all throughout the world. The float tank was invented in 1952 by neuroscientist and author John Lilly who was investigating the nature of human consciousness. Lilly sought to create an environment in which a person was removed not only from all sensory input, but also from the pull of gravity itself. The commercial float tank was developed by Lilly and Glenn Perry in 1972 and has been in continuous use ever since. Our center houses the time-tested Ocean Float Rooms ‘room style’ chambers (UK) as well as the newer and highly popular DreamPod ‘pod style’ chambers (Taiwan)from our friends here in Asia’s DreamWater company.