Floating Guidelines

  • Please visit the restroom prior to floating.
  • Remove all jewelry and contact lenses.
  • Take a shower and thoroughly cleanse yourself of all deodorant, perfumes, sunscreen, lotions and creams.
  • Thoroughly dry your face and the inside of your ears with the towel provided.
  • Insert earplugs. (Optional)
  • Cover any cuts or scrapes with a thin layer of Vaseline. (Optional)
  • Climb into the water, slowly, and position yourself in the middle and lie down on your back. You’re floating! Enjoy the new sensation of being gravity free!
  • Allow your arms to place themselves into a comfortable position.
  • If you feel any tension in your neck, consciously relax your head back into the water and you will float comfortably.
  • Remember there is a lot of salt in the water so do not rub your eyes.
  • Music will be played the first ten minutes of your float to help you relax, and then there is silence.
  • Just let go! Allow yourself to just ‘be’. Allow the “brain chatter” to happen, this is part of the de-stressing.
  • When you hear the music come back your float session has come to an end. Slowly sit up and reach to your right and push the light button.
  • Stand up slowly before climbing out of the floatation chamber and take a shower.
  • After changing, please relax in the lounge area for at least ten minutes- the transition back to the ‘real’ world is important too! Spend this time reflecting on your experience.
teresaroFloating Guidelines