Floating: The Perfect Treat for Expecting Moms

Theta State Float Center
Floating: The Perfect Treat for Expecting Moms

If you have found yourself pregnant and in Bangkok, you already know it can be a challenging time. Not only are most of those delightful massages, scrubs and facials off limits, but also you are also likely to feel the negative impacts of humidity and hectic city life on your pregnancy bliss. Diana, our pregnant assistant editor, shares a guilt-free treat you can enjoy that will leave you floating.

Floatation chambers, or ‘float tanks’ are sound-proof, light-proof,
gravity-free environments designed to give your mind and body
a state of blissful rest that cannot be replicated or achieved
anywhere else on Earth! Inside these futuristic-feeling bathtubs is
roughly ten inches of Epsom salt water (the magnesium sulphate
increases water density) which allows you to float effortlessly and
enjoy total peace and tranquility – free from all disturbances of
the outside world.
Being more than seven months pregnant, these words were
music to my ears. This was exactly what my sweaty, swollen
self needed! Exhausted and feeling enormous, I made my way
through the entrance of the Theta State Float Center at the 24th
Avenue Mall, where I was immediately greeted by a warm smile.
I felt at ease and in a matter of seconds, I was transported to
another world. I sat in their inspiring and super-relaxing lounge,
and was presented with a delightful cup of tea. One of the
owners, Annile, gave me a very encouraging and straight-to-thepoint
overview of the whole process.

Annile explained the different types of float chambers they
offer: pod style (very futuristic design in a cosy embryonic
environment) and room style (designed like a walk-in closet and
more suited to clients with fear of enclosure).
In both styles, a computer ensures that the water is kept at
a consistent temperature resembling normal body temperature.
Thanks to the high density of the water, you can float effortlessly
and be completely free from the downward forces of gravity.
This enables your body to be free from all muscle tension with
no pressure points being activated. All that is required of you
is to lie on a pillow of water, exerting no energy, and feel like
an astronaut floating in space. This is a wonderful feeling for
anybody, and even more for a heavily pregnant lady!
I chose the pod-style chamber, which looked like a cocoon,
where I could forget about the world for an hour. I took a lavish
shower and enjoyed the organic Siam Botanicals products and
the overall luxurious feeling of the room.
I decided to use the optional ear plugs and entered the float
tank very carefully, closing the cover and floating effortlessly
from the very beginning. As instructed, I left the lights on and
only switched them off when the music stopped ten minutes later
and I was already accustomed to being in the tank . As I did,
the floating started to work its magic. I suddenly felt so light,
so at ease and so peaceful. All the thoughts that are always
coming to my mind, all the to-do lists, all the worries, they just
disappeared. They were replaced by this pure joy, this wonder
at how comfortable I felt, and how my body was weightless, and
there was a total absence of distractions from the outside.
It was a time of pure bliss and relaxation, of reconnecting
with myself, not hindered by this new body weight and volume
that has been accompanying and distracting me the last months.
In just one hour, I was able to enjoy all the benefits we had
been talking about before the session: weightlessness, which
alleviated the huge strain on my body and the various aches
and pains that commonly appear when you are pregnant; instant
stress reduction thanks to the production of endorphins; increase
in creativity thanks to the sensory reduction and a zen-like state
of mind very similar to what you experience after meditation (if
you are an advanced meditator of course!). I highly recommend
floating to everybody, pregnant or not!
Not only did I leave fully relaxed and renewed, I also got a
bonus treat. As I was floating in the absolute silence of the tank,
I suddenly realized I was not alone.
Two hearts were beating at the same time: mine and my little
A priceless experience I will never forget.

By Diana Carrasco, Photos by Lihi Darnell
Location: The Center is located at 88/1 24th Avenue Mall, 1st Floor
A4/A5/A6, on Soi Sukhumvit 24. It’s at the corner with Soi Atharavi,
and is a 10-minute walk from the Phrom Phong BTS Station.
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun, 11am-10pm.
Parking: Available in 24th Avenue Mall and on the street.
Booking Policy: Booking is recommended but walk-ins are very
welcome too.
Pricing: Pricing starts at 1,950 for a single 60-minute session (20%
off for BAMBI members!), while different pricing options are also
available for longer sessions and membership packages.
What to bring: Yourself. The Center kindly provides towels,
earplugs, toiletries and hairdryer.
Website: thetastatefloat.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 022-617-943 or 083-775-2020
for English; 083-011-0771 or 081-875-9429 for Thai

Source: www.bambiweb.org
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