Theta State Float Gift Voucher

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Floating makes the perfect gift for just about everyone.

It’s a unique experience that provides nearly everyone who tries it with stress relief, mental clarity and a rejuvenated body.

This is the perfect gift for an overworked colleague, a friend who trains hard at the gym, mother’s day or even a partner who has a big interview coming up. One hour in our state of the art float chambers could be very impactful on someone’s well-being; this is a gift if you’re looking for something meaningful, novel and memorable.

Theta State offers heavily discounted Gift Vouchers at 20% off the regular price meaning you only pay 1,560฿.

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How to purchase a gift card in 2 easy methods:

1. In-Store Purchase

Buy one after your float!

We have physical vouchers here in the shop that make a nice tangible gift to hand someone.

We are located conveniently in downtown on Sukhumvit 24, so just pop in to purchase one while you’re out running errands.

2. Transfer Payment

Theta State allows for direct bank transfer.

Simply send us an email with the contact information (Name, email, telephone) of the intended recipient of your gift, along with the transfer slip (ATM receipt) of your transfer.

We will then send you an email containing all the information your recipient will need to redeem their float.

Please note that we hold a record of the purchase at our shop so no print out or confirmation is actually needed; the recipient of the gift can simply provide their name and contact information when they arrive.

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please contact us via email or phone 02-261-7943.

Terms and Conditions

Float vouchers must be purchased in advance and cannot be used on the day of purchase.

They are intended as a gift only, not for self use. You can’t purchase a gift voucher and use it for yourself.

They have no expiration.

They are transferable.

  • Call 02-261-7943
  • Email:
Harvie SinghTheta State Float Gift Voucher