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Theta State Float Center proudly offers two distinct style spa rooms to meet the different preferences of our client’s. We have four floatation chambers in total. Two ‘float pods’ from Dreamwater out of Taiwan and two ‘float rooms’ from Ocean Float out of the UK. Both styles are proven to be industry leading, state of the art, high end commercial floatation chambers; however, we provide the float ‘rooms’ for our client’s who experience feelings of claustrophobia from enclosed spaces. Both the float ‘pods’ and the float ‘rooms’ provide the client with the same experience and one is not better than the other in our eyes. Simply put, if you are prone to fears, anxieties or any concerns regarding enclosed spaces, then you may prefer the spacious room style chambers to the futuristic pod style shape chamber. Reminder, you can get out anytime, keep the lights on and the door open and even have a friend join you in the spa room (but not inside the float chamber – one per float). Clients without fear of enclosure will love the ‘pod’ style float chambers due to their futuristic design and the embryonic feel to the warm and cosy environment.

Features of the ‘room’ style chamber:

  1. Clients with fear of enclosure can relax more easily using the float room as there is the comforting feeling of more space. The ‘room’ is like a large walk-in closet with a six foot high ceiling and an easy access door. The elderly, disabled or injured can climb in with ease using the ledge as a seat before entering.


Features of the ‘pod’ style chamber:

  1. Modern futuristic design

  2. Cozy, embryonic environment
  3. State of the art UV/Peroxide filtration system

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