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Single Float


Membership Has Its Privileges!

* Float On!
Float up to 8 times a month throughout the duration of your membership. If you float just once a week you are already receiving a 35% discount. If you float 8 times, you are truly receiving the lowest price available in the industry!

* FREE Gift Card
Receive one free gift card to give your family or friends

* 500 THB Discount for guests
Your friends will love you! They receive 500THB off their first purchase when they join you for a float!

* FREE T-shirt
The Theta State T-Shirt is quality made by Sure Designs, Ltd.

* Local community discounts!
Immediate access to exclusive community partnerships that Theta State has developed throughout the last year. We have joined forces with many great local businesses to ensure our community receives a reward for their support. As a Theta State member you will be entitled to discounted gym memberships, yoga sessions, food deliveries and more.

Membership Details

* 3 Month Minimum.
* Non transferable – cannot share
* One time payment

Membership allows you to float regularly throughout the month. The more regularly you float the greater the value of this exclusive offer; however, even just once a week yields tremendous value. You are free to experiment with different float times and find a routine that works best for you. Float after a long run, or before giving an important presentation at work; learn when it has the most impact and benefit for your personal lifestyle.

Treat all your friends to a significant 500 THB discount on their first purchase.

Give a free float to your husband for father’s day, or your boss for his birthday; the free voucher allows you to give a special and unique gift to someone who needs it most (1950 THB value).

Bundle Packages

Special Promotions

Gift Vouchers

Do you know somebody you think would benefit from significant stress relief or quickened physical recovery? Purchase a float for your friends or loved ones and receive a 20% discount. THE VOUCHER IS INTENDED TO BE USED AS A FUTURE GIFT AND CANNOT BE PURCHASED FOR USE ON THE DAY OF YOUR FLOAT.

* Not for personal use
* Physical vouchers available at Float Center however they can be sent via email

Float gift voucher

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