How can this float tank water be clean?

  1. Epsom salt, which every tank has almost one ton dissolved into, is naturally an extremely hygienic and bacteria resistant environment.
  2. The entire volume of water is filtered at least three times between each float session. Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine are released into the solution through a state of the art computer regulated twin dispensary system after passing under a powerful UV lamp for each time the water is cycled.
  3. Every client is required to shower on site before entering the tank using our 100% natural and organic shower gels and shampoos. Additionally the tanks are equipped with UV and Peroxide sanitation systems that deliver 100% sterile water.
  • A state of the art UV sterilization system breaks contaminants down into smaller micron levels which make the natural and chemical cleaning agents work faster and more efficiently.
  • The tanks are hand wiped and cleaned by our staff between each visitor along with the room being turned over and refreshed like a hotel.
  • Visitors are asked to shower prior to floating, using our natural biodegradable chemical free soap and shampoo.


Understandably, most people just discovering the world of floating often arrive at the same question during the course of their research into this fascinating somatic-spiritual option for wellness. How can that water be clean? I wouldn’t want to lie in the same water that other people did; it wouldn’t be sanitary. Well that is a great question and we can start by saying, we wouldn’t want you lying in an unsanitary environment just as we wouldn’t personally float in an unclean environment; and we float in our tanks as often as our customers.

One of the reasons behind the cost of a commercial float chamber being so expensive is due to the sophistication of the equipment that comes along with it. You will notice a box to the side of the float chamber, which encases a state of the art pump, and filtration system that is CE certified. There is a twin delivery system to release two different disinfecting agents, both computer controlled, coupled with a natural disinfectant agent that is the magnesium sulfate water mixture (Epsom salt) you float in.

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent used as an antiseptic in hospitals, as well as in water purification disinfection. It breaks down into Oxygen and water when used, leaving no odor. Chlorine is used at least once a week to fully decontaminate the float solution; however, only when the shop is closed to minimize customer contact with chemicals. The salinity level in our float tanks surpasses the level of mineral salt in the Dead Sea; for a point of reference, it is 10 times saltier than normal ocean seawater. This level of salinity will kill off all forms of viruses and bacteria that enter the water, rendering the water inert and hygienic. Additionally our tanks sport an industrial grade polypropylene 10 micron bag filtration system, which will filter contaminants as small as 10 microns, which is 1/4 the diameter of a stand of human hair. This is paired with a powerful motor, which will drive water through the filter at the rate of 3 complete water changes in 15 minutes, allowing the tank to clean up the float solution thoroughly in time for the next float.