What is Floating?

“Floating” is the deepest level of relaxation you will likely ever have. Floating simply refers to climbing inside one of our state of the art floatation chambers and enjoying total peace and tranquility while free from all disturbances of the outside world. Floatation chambers, or ‘float tanks / float rooms’ are soundproof, lightproof, gravity free environments designed to give your mind and body a state of blissful rest that cannot be replicated or achieved anywhere else on Earth! Inside these futuristic feeling bathtubs is roughly ten inches of Epsom salt water. You will float effortlessly on the surface of this dense salt-water mixture, which is comprised solely of the mineral compound Magnesium Sulfate. This medical grade salt is extremely detoxifying and therapeutic when absorbed through your skin. The water is kept at skin temperature through computer programming and while resting on its surface you will be completely free from the downward forces of gravity. Your body will be free of all muscle tension; no pressure points will be activated along its entirety. You simply lay on a pillow of water while exerting no energy, like an astronaut floating in space.
The water inside each tank is commercially cleaned and sterilized completely through a filtration process that cycles the water three full times between customers. With the door to the float tank closed, your senses of sight and sound will be free from disturbance. Combine that with the embryonic feeling of the temperature neutrality and the complete absence of gravity, and you’re able to enter into a powerfully calm state of mind.

Known as the Theta State, this elusive brain wave activity is a slower more rhythmic pace associated with deep relaxation similar to meditation; only without effort or the discipline traditional meditation practices often require. You will experience rest like never before, a chance to explore your own consciousness and give yourself the gift of mind-body balance; otherwise known as homeostasis. Theta State brain waves are known for synchronizing the right and left-brain hemispheres, leaving you more mindful and aware of the origin of your emotions and behavior. Scientific evidence shows synchronizing your brain hemispheres leads to heightened states of creativity, logic and empathy and ultimately freedom from left hemisphere dominant tendencies that unfortunately afflict most people from early childhood onward. Society is suffering significantly from left-brain dominance and a population of balanced brained individuals will lead to a more harmonic and happier humanity.

This can sound deceptively simple; however, when you give your brain a break from processing the millions of pieces of data received from your eyes and ears every waking second of the day and unchain it from it’s full time job of regulating your body’s temperature and keeping you upright against the force of gravity, a sizable physiological shift occurs. This is formally known as the Relaxation Response; a physical state of deep rest that changes a person’s physical and emotional responses to stress. Scientists have shown prolonged periods inside the Relaxation Response physiology lowers heart rates, blood pressure and oxygen consumption, and it alleviates the symptoms associated with a vast array of conditions including hypertension, arthritis, insomnia, depression, anxiety and even aging.

Imagine a faucet that is shut tightly with no leaks, and turned on only when you need a shower. Imagine that same faucet continuously dripping and no matter how hard you tighten the handle, the water keeps on slowly escaping drop by drop. That constant drip would drive anyone crazy. Metaphorically, this is what is happening with our brain chemistry in 2014 and it is literally driving people crazy! The mechanisms that release stress related hormones, such as adrenaline, cortisol and ACTH are being triggered like faulty car alarms in today’s overcrowded, technology driven, fast paced society. For our ancestors, neurochemicals that caused stress were released as a ‘response’ to a perceived threat to their environment. These same neurochemicals are being released far more regularly today then they were hundreds or thousands of years ago and the physical manifestation of this chronic unabated stress comes in the form of debilitating disease, illness and life threatening disorders. Floating can regulate your chemical dispensary system, harmonize your mind and body’s homeostasis and balance your internal processing systems by triggering the Relaxation Response by allowing you to enter into a prolonged state of Theta State brain waves.

It’s all about Theta State! 

teresaroWhat is Floating?